Author: Anna Chow Fry

Anna takes on IFT18: Day 2

One thing IFT is known for is the enormous expo floor tiled with exhibitors and suppliers big or small. Browsing and walking the entirety of the expo can take hours. Who are the exhibitors? These are companies that offer a wide range of products and services such as ingredients, natural and artificial coloring, scientific instruments, finished food products, packaging, processing equipment, market research services, sensory services, product development services, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, and the hot and new cannabis products. By the second day, I was already overwhelmed with all of the people, sights, and crowds. To take a...

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Anna takes on IFT18: Day 1

It’s that time of the year again for IFT 2018! For those who do not know what IFT this, it is one of the biggest conferences of food professionals every year put on by the organization Institute of Food Technologists. This year it is held in Chicago which is home base. Today alone, more than 23,000 people attended the conference held at McCormick Place. Over 1200 exhibitors packed the halls that represents over 90+ countries. All of this is for the purpose of sharing and educating passionately others about the world of food science and technology.   It is...

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Food Product Evaluation – the 6 attributes to look for

Photo by Brigitte Tohm In this post, we will go through a basic analysis of a product. How to evaluate your food product: Before you begin, make sure your evaluation space is: Clean and free of clutter Void of strong odors Quiet with no distractions Product is on a plain or white background First, assess the APPEARANCE What does the product look like? What is the color? Is it transparent? Is it bumpy on the surface? It it shiny? Then, we evaluate the AROMA What does the product smell like? Be as specific as you can when you describe it....

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How to evaluate a food product – What you need to know

You may think that just because sensory has the word “science” attached to it that it would be impossible to do without  knowing how to solve complicated chemical equations or dissolve colorful mysterious liquids in strange glasswares. It is true that to be a sensory scientist, you’d need to have some background or knowledge of that sort. But luckily to participate in the sensory fun you do not. Another myth is that you must have a perfect palate in order to do sensory. This is false, although a good palate is extremely helpful. Sensory evaluation is a objective process....

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Texture in Sensory Analysis

We have things that we like and dislike to eat that varies from person to person. Some of the most common disliked foods are  avocado, tofu, oysters, sardines, blue cheese, and cilantro. While some of these are known to be off-putting by their smells (stinky blue cheese, soapy cilantro, and fishy sardines), others tend to be off-putting because of their textures. When asked the reason why someone dislikes a food item their answer, if not the taste, may be along the lines of “Oh, I like the taste but it just has a really weird texture.” So you can...

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