Author: Anna Chow

What is Sensory Science?

When I say what my occupation is to those who are not in the food industry, I always get puzzled looks. Then followed by a ton of questions. When I’m in a hurry, I just respond with “I taste things for a living” and then laugh. But when I do have some time to elaborate about what I do for a living, I get to share with people what sensory is and why I love my job. SO WHAT IS IT? Sensory science, commonly referred to as ‘sensory evaluation’ and ‘sensory analysis’, is ” a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure,...

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Hi, I’m Anna! (POM’s Sensory Scientist)

Editor’s note: Sensory evaluation is a specialized field in food science and takes a great deal of organization and coordination, statistical evaluations, and reporting to significant business stakeholders, like project or brand management. Sensory Scientist Anna Chow. I met Anna at the Rutger’s University Introduction to Sensory Science short course.  Excited for the readers to get a glimpse of another scientist’s life! Got questions for Anna? Submit them on the contact page.  An introduction to POM’s Sensory Scientist, Anna Chow I’m Peas On Moss’s resident Sensory Scientist. I, like most people on this blog, love food. Food was one of my first loves....

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