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How to evaluate a food product – What you need to know

You may think that just because sensory has the word “science” attached to it that it would be impossible to do without  knowing how to solve complicated chemical equations or dissolve colorful mysterious liquids in strange glasswares. It is true that to be a sensory scientist, you’d need to have some background or knowledge of that sort. But luckily to participate in the sensory fun you do not. Another myth is that you must have a perfect palate in order to do sensory. This is false, although a good palate is extremely helpful. Sensory evaluation is a objective process....

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Texture in Sensory Analysis

We have things that we like and dislike to eat that varies from person to person. Some of the most common disliked foods are  avocado, tofu, oysters, sardines, blue cheese, and cilantro. While some of these are known to be off-putting by their smells (stinky blue cheese, soapy cilantro, and fishy sardines), others tend to be off-putting because of their textures. When asked the reason why someone dislikes a food item their answer, if not the taste, may be along the lines of “Oh, I like the taste but it just has a really weird texture.” So you can...

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A basic taste of Sensory

   Do you remember the first time you tasted something sour? How about salty, sweet, or bitter? Sweetness, saltiness, and umami most likely came from either the breast milk of your mother, formula milk, or your first spoonful of baby food you’d ever tasted. Bitter may have come from the first medicine you ever had to take. And sour, probably the most memorable of all, may have been from a slice of lemon. A quick search on Youtube for videos of ‘Babies Trying Lemon for the First Time’ returns you plenty of funny results. Q: What exactly is taste? A:...

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What is Sensory Science?

When I say what my occupation is to those who are not in the food industry, I always get puzzled looks. Then followed by a ton of questions. When I’m in a hurry, I just respond with “I taste things for a living” and then laugh. But when I do have some time to elaborate about what I do for a living, I get to share with people what sensory is and why I love my job. SO WHAT IS IT? Sensory science, commonly referred to as ‘sensory evaluation’ and ‘sensory analysis’, is ” a scientific discipline used to evoke, measure,...

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Hi, I’m Anna! (POM’s Sensory Scientist)

Editor’s note: Sensory evaluation is a specialized field in food science and takes a great deal of organization and coordination, statistical evaluations, and reporting to significant business stakeholders, like project or brand management. Sensory Scientist Anna Chow. I met Anna at the Rutger’s University Introduction to Sensory Science short course.  Excited for the readers to get a glimpse of another scientist’s life! Got questions for Anna? Submit them on the contact page.  An introduction to POM’s Sensory Scientist, Anna Chow I’m Peas On Moss’s resident Sensory Scientist. I, like most people on this blog, love food. Food was one of my first loves....

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