Author: Kimberly Schaub

S2E14: Oregon State Food Innovation Center program alumna, Other Foods founder Phoebe Smith Buls cracked the nut on tender paleo-diet friendly bread!

The thing I love about going to trade shows is that you meet innovators and entrepreneurs at varying stages of business growth. I wandered through the Oregon State Food Innovation Center’s Incubator Alley to meet with entrepreneurs who were often first launching into the market to see what was new. I was in for a treat! I met Phoebe Smith Buls, the founder of Other Foods, and she really impressed with a tender loaf bread that was paleo diet compliant. If you have eaten gluten free breads in years past, you know how crumbly and miserable that experience can...

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Preview: Eat your Veggies! But enjoy life with Brownies, too with Phoebe Smith Buls from Other Foods in Portland, OR

Phoebe Smith Buls was showing off her Other Foods baking mixes at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA. I caught up with her to talk about why she’s passionate about the baking blends she made, which are designed to be allergen friendly and delicious. Hear her talk about her passion for her work and why it’s important to indulge occasionally. New Podcast Episode...

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S2E13: How writing a food label for beef jerky led Lev Berlin to create Recipal

Lev Berlin and his friends at SlantShack were trying to create customizable jerky and needed to create nutrition facts panels for the different options.Most nutrition database services are often very expensive and may be more than is needed for companies starting with a single product. Consulting services can also cost quite a bit. Berlin created ReciPal, an online system that draws its data from USDA databases and offers the system to small-to-medium companies. Now ReciPal is available for businesses to create recipes, labels, and product inventories. Find out more about ReciPal at Want to join the conversation? Email...

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S2E12: Graham Kerr, life and focus post television

Graham Kerr, arguably known best for his decades’ long television presence as the Galloping Gourmet, doesn’t really gallop in the kitchen anymore. His focus has shifted away from cooking and eating rich, indulgent food to sharing meals with friends and family that nourish life and support health. He and his wife Treena were strong supporters of my growth from nutritionist to culinologist, and Graham both inspired and challenged me to think differently about my career as a nutritionist chef and the opportunity is presents to be both a skilled technician and a guide for others. This is a very...

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