Author: Kimberly Schaub

Preview: Using Miele cooking equipment for cooking food of the future perfectly

This episode is brought to you by Icon Foods. Imagine your scrumptious desserts free from added sugars and guilt.  I met Rachelle through Adam Yee’s My Food Job Rocks! podcast, and I just loved her story and journey. From cooking instructor to private chef to a famous celebrity, Rachelle has done a lot. Today, she has the dream job – demonstrating to professionals and home cooks the joys of experiencing high performance luxury cooking and food preparation equipment. As the Culinary and Events manager of the Miele showroom in San Francisco, she is often the first one to show customers how to use the equipment. She tells us about Miele and some of the home/professional equipment that can make all the difference.  Connect with Chef Rachelle at Schedule a visit of the Miele Experience Center at    New Podcast Episode...

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S2E19: Extending a chef’s career life through corporate R&D with Chef Ethan Posilkin

This episode is brought to you by Icon Foods. Transitioning off sugar has never been so sweet or easy. Chef Ethan and I are connected through Chef Jeff Cousminer, an original founder of the Research Chefs Association, and I developed a slight chef crush when I found out that he used to cook at Philadelphia’s Alma de Cuba, where Josh and I have enjoyed some amazing meals! Ethan studied food science at Drexel and worked in an analytical lab before joining the Devault Foods team, developing meat-centric menu items for food service support, such as meatballs and sandwich meats....

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PeasOnMoss Announces Founding Sponsor

We have partnered with our founding advertiser and official sponsor, Icon Foods! I am so excited to announce that POM is officially taking on advertisers and want to share our journey to this milestone. PeasOnMoss has a commitment to be a first-go resource for product development chefs and scientists. I have shared my experiences in culinary school, my perspective of working on the line and in Modernist Cuisine, and the emotional and exciting adventure crossing into corporate product development. The exhilarating feeling of seeing your product development project packaged and sitting on a grocery store shelf is shared by...

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S2E18: Dr. Darryl Holliday balances academia and consulting in food science

PeasOnMoss is made possible with the generous sponsorship of Icon Foods. Check out their product portfolio at Dr. Darryl Holliday is a food scientist, chef, and professor with a passion for food science and education, innovation, and product commercialization. Common criticism of academia is that instructors lose touch with the industry, with its realities of time constraints, costs, and production schedules. Not so with Dr. Holliday (ahem), who maintains a thriving consultancy and offers support to food businesses through both the college and his private work. He shares his observations about the ingredients for successful product development and how...

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Preview: Dr. Darryl Holliday tells us why you couldn’t sell kombucha 50 years ago.

Dr. Darryl Holliday is hard to miss: he’s tall, hilarious, and witty. I met him at the New Orleans Research Chefs Association Conference, and he mentored me as I wrote a curriculum for the first ever CareerLabs presentation at Prepa Tec Los Angeles, an International Baccalaureate public school. Engaging, determined, and unflappable, Darryl is both chef and professor and wears both hats well. At the most recent Research Chefs Association Awards Ceremony, Darryl is the one who jumped up and pledged to sponsor PeasOnMoss to help keep it running, and his generous announcement encouraged others to pledge as well....

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