Author: Kimberly Schaub

Podcast, Season 3: What it’s like past the honeymoon stage

When I decided to launch the podcast, it was because I felt very inspired by the entrepreneurship podcast I followed to broadcast my experience in food product development, and it quickly grew into a love for sharing an hour with a food scientist, chef, or food business owner who was taking the time to tell us about the passion, vision, and drive that propelled them forward. Research and development, food product development, hospitality, R&D consulting… these are businesses not for the faint-hearted. Now, the podcast has also been a medium to connect me with strangers – still folks in...

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S3E1: General Mills’ Colby Darling on Chip R&D and how to master a new food category

Research Chefs Association North Central co-chair Colby Darling joins us from General Mills and shares some incredible information about considerations in process engineering and successful commercialization of food products. He also shares how to consider consumer expectations for a product and balance it with the desire to continue tweaking (formulating) a product. We get pretty detailed in product development, category management, and consumer insights.  Find your RCA regional chair at Connect with Colby at the next event and reach out through LinkedIn.  This podcast is supported by ICON Foods. Would you like to help us keep the show on the air? Please contact us.  New Podcast Episode...

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Season 3! Episode preview: How one Colby Darling stays involved in the culinary world

Happy New Year, PeasOnMoss listeners! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We’re excited to bring you Season 3 of the podcast and to use this year to mix things up a little.  Chef Colby Darling has been working with General Mills for several years, but he keeps his restaurant experience fresh by taking advantage of business trips (with manager approval) to research food trends and discoveries and to spend time in professional kitchens whenever he can. It’s a great idea to keep a pulse of the food service industry and keep your knife skills sharp.  The PeasOnMoss Podcast is supported by ICON Foods, and we invite your business to support us, too. Contact us at  New Podcast Episode...

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Extended Shelf Life for Chefs: Crossing into Research and Development

Recently, a few chefs and cooks have asked me about getting into product development. They express exhaustion with the demands of the restaurants, from the hours standing at their stations to the number of missed special events to the hair-thin margins. At some point, many of us conclude that kitchens are a young person’s world, and we wonder how we can stay involved in the world we love (food!) but in a different way. I always lead with the mythbusting: R&D isn’t just about playing with recipes and eating. There is a complicated and challenging commercialization process that takes...

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S2E23: Michael Cheng on Culinology programs and the futures of food science and culinary arts

Dr. Michael Cheng has been mentioned on PeasOnMoss before by alumni of the Southwest Minnesota State University, and for good reason: he established the Culinology program there and has gone on to begin building out the program at other schools. Currently the interim Dean at Florida International University, Michael directs the Food and Beverage Program. He shares with us why it’s vital to have programs that combine culinary arts and food science and the opportunities he sees for graduates with the Culinology program. Join us at the RCA Conference in Savannah! PeasOnMoss is brought to you by Steviva Ingredients....

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