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PeasOnMoss to record podcast live from Research Chefs Association on March 27

Savannah, GA – Kimberly Schaub, CCS, the host of the PeasOnMoss podcast will record a special episode for the podcast at the 2018 Annual Conference for the Research Chefs Association (RCA), where she has been a chef member since 2013 and certified culinary scientist since 2015. She is joined by past podcast guests who are also active members in the association. In just her third season, the niche podcast has already been downloaded 10,000 times, covering topics ranging from food business ownership to intrapraneurship – the idea that an individual is like an entrepreneur but holds a full time...

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S3E3: Mark Crowell

From breaking out on his own as a sole proprietor and contracting consultants to now building a corporate team, Mark has gone through several stages of business growth. He shares his experiences and observations and offers some insights about being an ideal client for consultants. Mark is a return guest, and you can hear his original episode in Season 1. Information about CuliNex: PeasOnMoss is sponsored by Icon Foods. Find out more: Help us educate product developers Рindividuals and businesses are invited to join the conversation and sponsor New Podcast Episode...

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Preview: CuliNex’s Mark Crowell on business leadership and dealing with growth

Mark Crowell is the founder of CuliNex, a product development consulting company based in Seattle, WA, He returns to the show to talk about the differences of founding and growing a business. In this preview, he shares what his greatest strength is as a business owner, and next week, he shares about the changes at CuliNex and his plans for the future. New Podcast Episode...

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S3E2: Bringing Southern Cuisine to NYC with Matt Lee

Whether you’re a few hundred miles from home or several time zones away, there are always smells and tastes that can take you straight back to your family’s table. When Matt and Ted Lee moved up to New York, they found themselves in a familiar predicament that many regional ex-pats do: feeling homesick for familiar foods. Since nobody was selling authentic foods, the brothers took it upon themselves to represent the cuisine to their new home. Matt shares their experiences, and how they went from a catalog of boiled peanuts to representing Southern cuisine around the nation through writing...

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