Author: Kimberly Schaub

Preview: How ChefLord Robert Saia combines his science and culinary knowledge to answer students’ questions

Chef Robert Saia is a personality, a passionate educator, and a Renaissance man. An entrepreneur who never let degrees and pedigrees get in his way, Chef Robert is constantly looking for needs and ways to fill them. In this preview he talks about how he uses food science to explain to culinary students how the knowledge of what’s going on at a molecular level could make them better cooks. Next week, you’ll get to hear about the Menu and Recipe Genesis app that he has created to help with recipe development and brainstorming. This podcast is sponsored by Icon...

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Product Development feels like rock climbing

If you think rock climbing is unsafe and are afraid for my safety, then read on. It’s probably the least risky activity I do regularly. I got into rock climbing when Josh and I moved to Seattle, in 2009. We were attending a Marmot-sponsored camp-out for REI employees. The Yukon Trading Company set up camp at Icicle Creek and arranged for various brands to provide demo product and massive giveaways for the participants. Two major outcomes came of this. The first was the blossoming of a friendship with Beth Rodden, a famous rock climber whose graciousness and vulnerability set...

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Preview: Chef Stephanie Green, RDN combines nutrition and culinary to create a busy, fulfilling career

Chef Stephanie Green is both a clinical dietitian and a chef, and she is active in food education, food styling and photography, recipe development and consultation. She joins us on POM to share her career and tell us about the unique niche she has filled in combining clinical dietetics with professional cooking. This week is a preview, and next week you’ll get to laugh along with Kimberly as Stephanie describes her “slow” season, which is packed with educational events, teaching, cooking demos, cookbook writing, and content creation. This podcast is sponsored by Icon Foods. Go to to get details...

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Arby’s Chef Neville Craw’s 2017 RCA Webinar

Last year, I was invited to host Chef Neville Craw on a webinar for the Research Chefs Association. Since he’s a featured chef in this month’s Culinology magazine, it seemed like good timing to share his story again. We talked about building a brand, thinking creatively about the core consumer, and how to engage a new consumer. It’s based on the presentation he gave at the 2017 Research Chefs Association in Puerto Rico. Check out past presentations and other learning modules at the RCA’s Learning Library. Find out more about the 2019 conference here. (you might need to pause...

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S3E7: Anne Druschitz shows customers how to use Edlong ingredients

Chef Anne Hildebrandt Druschitz is a corporate research chef at Edlong Dairy Technologies and helps to show how the Edlong products in various finished product applications. Anne crossed into R&D from restaurant work when she had the opportunity to work for a flavor company. She realized that her true passion was the R&D process, from development through commercialization. She shares her journey, what it is to be an application chef, and how she blends her passion for meal creation with food science. New Podcast Episode...

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