Author: Kimberly Schaub

S2E04: Research Chef Anne-marie Ramo on knowing how the sausage is made and Culinology

Research chef Anne-marie Ramo brings her sharp witty humor to the bench as an R&D consultant and took some time to share her story with us.   Anne-marie started off in the culinary world and has taught cooking classes and written school food menus. After spending years at Aidells sausage perfecting the ultimate BBQ and becoming an expert in how sausages are made, Anne-marie moved back to Seattle and joined the Culinex team. As both a product developer and project manager, Anne-marie was involved in the operations and internship management.  Find out why it took years to make the ultimate...

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S2E03: Author and Chef Ali Bouzari on chef vs scientist techniques and benches

Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food Author Ali Bouzari has a strong identity of being both a experienced chef and PhD food scientist, but he doesn’t feel like Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. Rather, he draws from both worlds and has crafted his own identity as a culinary scientist. Join us for an encore appearance with Ali as we talk about fine dining, well-designed food product development experiments, and what he has in his pantry at Pilot R+D. Check out Ali’s book at your local bookstore and online. Creating a product and need a restaurant/food manufacturing eye?...

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S2E02: Canada’s Smartest Kitchen’s Chef Christine Murnaghan on the transition from great home recipes to manufactured finished products

Product Developer Chef Christine Murnaghan is like the Q behind James Bond, and she helps new and developing artisinal food brand owners transition their recipes from delicious home recipes to scalable formulas as well as providing an innovative perspective to existing food companies. In her spare time, she also has her own entrepreneurial streak and serves oysters in the summers at the farmers market. If you have gained value from the podcast, would you consider personally sponsoring or inquiring of whether your organization would contribute? Just $10 per month from a  few sponsors would keep the show going. Got...

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S2:E01: Chef Jacob Burton breaks down what separates true chefs and talented cooks – and announces what he’s been up to lately

  Welcome to Season 2 of the podcast! Stella Culinary and founder Chef Jacob Burton has gone back to restaurants – as the Executive Sous Chef of a new hotel in Reno, NV. He sat down with us to talk about his work and what he’s excited about. In our conversation, we talk about the operational and financial responsibilities of chefs and how the mentality is what sets them apart from talented cooks. He busts myths about leaving your current industry to open a restaurant and the costs – financial, mental, and personal – that will affect your...

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The Culinologist: Research Chefs Association Pres. Catherine Proper on the March 2017 RCA Conference in Puerto Rico

  Chef Catherine Proper has been a lifelong member of the Research Chefs Association after joining during her college years. After serving on several volunteer leadership committees while also progressing her career, Chef Catherine has a deep understanding of the legacy of the organization and a keen eye on the future. She joined us in this final Culinologist-focused podcast to share how Puerto Rico was chosen as the locale to celebrate our organization’s 20th anniversary and what she’s looking forward to at the event. Conference is March 14-17, 2017. Find out about the RCA and Culinology at Register...

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