Author: Kimberly Schaub

PeasOnMoss Podcast Live video!

Instead of Facebook streaming, I set up my phone to video the podcast recording on the panel plus let the recording run as we networked and had some cool discussions afterwards. Podcast listeners alone don’t get to see the video, but if you stream the video, you can see the bathrobe and how I ran the recording. I hope you enjoy!            ...

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Preview: Chef Anne Druschitz talks about flavoring and dairy technology

One thing chefs can do when we get together is tell great tales, and Chef Anne Druschitz shares how integral a strong culinary background combined with food science is in working with a customer. In this segment, Anne and I are talking about the considerations in non-dairy ice cream, and she starts to describe how many iterations it could take to create a flavor system that meets the customer’s needs. Let’s just say, the alphabet is sometimes not long enough to cover all the tests required. Special thanks to Icon Foods for sponsoring the podcast. Join them this year...

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Special Episode: PeasOnMoss Podcast Live! at the Research Chefs Association Conference

Nope, this isn’t a live broadcast of the show, but here is the podcast episode that we recorded with a live audience at the Research Chefs Association Conference in Savannah. My guests were Dr. Darryl Holliday, Asst. Professor of food science at University of Holy Cross Emily Munday, Director of Operations at CuliNex Chef Barbara Zatto, RCA board member and regional director Get more information about the Research Chefs Association at Find your local region and attend an upcoming event. Special thanks to Chef Jason Behrends, President, and the RCA Board for inviting me to be a guest...

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S3E7: Charlie Baggs

Chef Charlie Baggs is the founder of Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations, a consulting chef business based in Chicago. From product innovation to serving as the technical team by retainer to various food businesses, CBCI also offers education, food tours, and representation at trade shows. Chef Charlie joins us on the PeasOnMoss podcast to talk about the evolution of consulting chef work, his career, and his systems for training chefs and developing leaders. On April 9, CBCI will be presenting a culinary basics course for food scientists who are preparing to study for the Research Chefs Association Certified Culinary Scientist...

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Bonus: Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations offers culinary basics course for RCA Cert Culinary Sci exam

Chef Matthew Burton from Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations joins us in a special segment to share about next week’s Culinary Basics class in Chicago, designed to prepare candidates for the Research Chefs Association’s Certified Culinary Scientist exam.  Next week, you’ll hear the interview with Chef Charlie – it’s a big one with lots of great knowledge! Register for April 9th’s course at the RCA website,  Get more information at Charlie Baggs’ CBCI site,  Thanks to Icon Foods for sponsoring the podcast. Join them in sponsoring – find out more at Get information about natural sweeteners from Icon Foods at  New Podcast Episode...

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