Author: Kimberly Schaub

S2E17: The human microbiome with George Roche

The word microbiome is probably something you would expect to hear on Nova, but health enthusiasts talk about it as having a major impact on our health today. George joins us to talk about the microbiome and recent research about it. He also gives some hints about the interesting business opportunities that exist in supporting a healthy microbiome. As nutraceuticals become more and more popular, product developers need to know how to respond to trends and think about how to incorporate them into their new product design. Keep science on the air! Sponsor PeasOnMoss and visit for details,...

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Preview: Business opportunities in treating the human microbiome

George Roche and I connected at the IFT/RCA Mixer at the Winter Fancy Food Show, and this is a preview of our interview together next week. It’s also an announcement about our founding corporate sponsor: Steviva! Thom King was our guest on Episode 15 of Season 2, and he believes so much in the podcast that he has chosen to sponsor the show! I’ll share another exciting announcement in the preview itself…. listen up! Get in touch with Steviva at New Podcast Episode...

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S2E16: Garlic King Jeff Crace about applying his military background to the food business

Jeff Crace has had many adventures and taken each head on. From serving in the military to computer science and finally to food business development, there doesn’t seem to be much that Jeff hasn’t done. He shares his journey and sneaks in leadership lessons throughout, and his career shows that every step and job taken informs how you are as a leader and business developer. Recognizing the value of involvement, Jeff is also the Southwest Regional Chair for the Research Chefs Association, and he never skips an opportunity to meet new friends. Not afraid to try something new, Jeff...

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S2E15: Steviva’s Thom King on sweet talking

Thom King launched into the stevia business before it was considered a food product and was firmly a supplement. After stevia and other naturally derived, high intensity sweeteners were promoted to food status, Steviva took off. Now the brand offers more low-calorie sweeteners, including Monk fruit and agave, and the retail line features creative blends from syrups to coffee sweeteners. Thom provides a crash course in high intensity sweeteners and helps correct a few misunderstandings that I had about them. Find out more about Steviva at See what the PeasOnMoss team is up to at There you...

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S2E14: Oregon State Food Innovation Center program alumna, Other Foods founder Phoebe Smith Buls cracked the nut on tender paleo-diet friendly bread!

The thing I love about going to trade shows is that you meet innovators and entrepreneurs at varying stages of business growth. I wandered through the Oregon State Food Innovation Center’s Incubator Alley to meet with entrepreneurs who were often first launching into the market to see what was new. I was in for a treat! I met Phoebe Smith Buls, the founder of Other Foods, and she really impressed with a tender loaf bread that was paleo diet compliant. If you have eaten gluten free breads in years past, you know how crumbly and miserable that experience can...

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