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University of Holy Cross students roasting their way to RCA Conference

The Research Chefs Association Conference starts on the 26th. The future of the organization is in the students that attend the show, and it is great to see one example of how students work to earn tickets for the conference. It’s one of the best ways to help them start building their networks, can introduce them to their first roles, and result in lifetime membership, like some of the current leadership of the RCA.     These pictures are of the UHC Food Science Programs’ students learning the art and science behind coffee roasting. The students roasted the coffee...

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S3E6: Joy Isaacs on networking and career development

Chef Joy Isaacs is the Director of R&D at Kent Precision Foods Group, and she spends her time managing her staff and balancing project goals with work-life balance. But she didn’t spring forth as a perfect manager – that has taken years to develop and hone her skills on top of her development as a food scientist and chef. This call highlights the impact of how a strong network and good reputation in the industry can lead to opened doors and a successful career. New Podcast Episode...

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Preview: Chef Joy Isaacs, Dir R&D at Kent Precision Food Group on why grades aren’t everything

As we were wrapping up a powerful interview, Chef Joy Isaacs dropped a huge value bomb of advice for current students and early career scientists. Find out why she believes your training as a product developer starts after graduation. Hear the rest of the interview next week! Big thanks to Icon Foods for being our sponsor of the podcast. Help us keep the show on the air and join Icon Foods as a principal sponsor. Find out more at Check out Icon Foods at     New Podcast Episode...

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PeasOnMoss Podcast Live at RCA Conf March 27 Guest Feature – Chef Barbara Zatto, RCA Board member and Director

Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America with honors, Barbara headed to New York City  to cook under several prestigious chefs and restaurants.  After several years; and armed with a culinary arsenal of innovative techniques, she headed off to Seattle where she quickly became executive chef at a hotel.  She later found a home at a Seattle Restaurant where she earned several 3 star reviews from the Seattle Times. During this time, she  developed several culinary programs and cooking classes for Macy’s. After several more years “cheffing” in restaurants, catering, and directing several business cafes, she used her...

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Top Four Reasons to Attend Trade Shows

Professional events, trade shows, and meetings are all activities that often add to your work week, and they can sometimes result in extra effort to plan, prepare, execute, and recover. Why in the world would you attend, if you’re busy with projects and personal commitments? Here are my top 4 reasons to attend: Network. That’s definitely the number-1 reason that I attend the full time of trade shows. My career opportunities, the mentors I know today, and the friendships in the industry that I have result from the time invested at the shows. As an upcoming podcast guest will...

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