Author: Kimberly Schaub

S2E09: Mars Food Scientist Dr. Cesar Vega Morales on Product Design vs Product Dev

I first met Dr. Cesar Vega Morales at the Modernist Cuisine kitchen laboratory. He was conducting blue-sky research and exploring the application of food science in commercial kitchens, and I was cooking and learning. He had just edited The Kitchen as Laboratory book, a collection of food essays teaching profound lessons in the science of food. He also served as one of the expert reviewers of Nathan Myrvold’s Modernist Cuisine.  Today he is a Principal Research Scientist working for Mars in the Netherlands, and he has spent his last several years working in researching and developing affordable, nutritious foods...

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Bonus: Will Madden’s Origin Story

Last week, we interviewed Right Brain Consulting owner William Madden, but we had to truncate the interview. Today, as a special bonus, here is Will’s origin story and how some of the best life decisions come from a college bet (…not). Like what you heard? Want to join the conversation or help us stay on the air? Contact us on New Podcast Episode...

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S2E08: Right Brain Consulting founder William Madden on his product development super powers

William Madden didn’t mean to go into food manufacturing, but a bet at Georgia Tech piqued his interest in barrier packaging, and the rest is a funny and adventurous history. He came onto the podcast to share some keys to success for product development and how his specialty as a contract negotiator was honed by sitting on both the customer and co-manufacturer’s perspective. You can get in touch with William at and emailing him at Want to join the conversation? Email me and find out about opportunities to sponsor the show and become a guest. Like the...

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S2E07: Food Network and World Food Championship Judge Chef John Corey

Chef John Corey and I met through Shawn Wenner’s (Ep. 20) Entrepreneurial Chef e-magazine and professional networking group. A seasoned contestant chef in internationally renowned competitions, Chef John shares what it’s like to prepare recipes intended for competing against other chefs who are at the top of their games. Chef John also tells us his big plans for taking his catering business national and how you could get into the catering business. Check out Chef John at Want to join the conversation? Sponsor the show? Email and get details....

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