Author: Kimberly Schaub

Portland has distinctive Northwest food identity

Portland, OR, is somewhat of a sister-city to Seattle, but it is distinctive in its presence in the Pacific Northwest. We decided to check out this city for our annual trip, and we enjoyed the city immensely. As with our trip to Spokane, I created an itinerary for us to experience well-known Portland hubs and to seek out some lesser-known treasures. Several friends are from or have visited Portland, so this is a collaboration of suggestions, tourists’ websites, and guidebooks.  On our first day, we arrived in Portland just in time for lunch. We beelined to Pok Pok, a...

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Chef Karen Binkhorst brings Allrecipes to life

Allrecipes’ What’s Cooking event had to serve food, and Chef Karen Binkhorst delivered. A catering chef with a loyal following in Seattle, Chef Karen knows the Allrecipes staff well. She’s catered a few events for them, and this time, she mixed up her recipes with a few Allrecipes’ cooks recipes to show just how good the recipes are. Chef Karen literally ran away from home and was kicked into culinary school by the inspiration of someone who could see that she had true talent. The food that told her she could cook: hummus. Homemade hummus. It was as if...

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Allrecipes’ Richard Kozel knows where to get the recipes

I bet you’ve done this: get online, log onto Allrecipes, scroll through some recipes. First, you were looking for a specific recipe. Then you saw a link to another recipe. Then you linked to another. Soon, you’re looking at recipes for the best pimento cheese spread, pork chops from Venezuela, and award-winning barbecue sauce. Then your sig-other come in and says, “did you decide what to make for dinner?” Oops. More time lost exploring Allrecipes’ databases. Well, have you ever wondered about the database and how it stays up there? Who populates it, and who organizes it? Richard Kozel...

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From my friends

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by talented friends. Laura Hunter and I shared a few years in Hong Kong while our parents worked together. She is a talented photographer and foodie. She and I recently worked on tofu curry recipes, and hers is absolutely breathtaking. Check it out. Small wallet, Big Appetite’s Thai Tofu Curry I made an attempt, too, but hers looks and tastes much better! She may have had some kitchen near-disasters, but this curry is worth it. Good thing she didn’t give...

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Copacabana has rooftop view but skip the food

I have walked past it at least 300 times last summer. Adorned with brightly-colored sun umbrellas, Copacabana seems to issue a siren’s call when the umbrellas pop out in the hot sun. Bolivian food sounds good on a hot day. Pair some seafood with a sweet sangria, and you’d have a great evening. Well, that may be, but Copacabana wasn’t the place for me. On one of the hottest days this summer, I ventured into Copacabana with some family for a light dinner on a hot night. I can’t fault the restaurant for the heat, which was stifling. The...

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