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From my friends

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by talented friends. Laura Hunter and I shared a few years in Hong Kong while our parents worked together. She is a talented photographer and foodie. She and I recently worked on tofu curry recipes, and hers is absolutely breathtaking. Check it out. Small wallet, Big Appetite’s Thai Tofu Curry I made an attempt, too, but hers looks and tastes much better! She may have had some kitchen near-disasters, but this curry is worth it. Good thing she didn’t give...

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Copacabana has rooftop view but skip the food

I have walked past it at least 300 times last summer. Adorned with brightly-colored sun umbrellas, Copacabana seems to issue a siren’s call when the umbrellas pop out in the hot sun. Bolivian food sounds good on a hot day. Pair some seafood with a sweet sangria, and you’d have a great evening. Well, that may be, but Copacabana wasn’t the place for me. On one of the hottest days this summer, I ventured into Copacabana with some family for a light dinner on a hot night. I can’t fault the restaurant for the heat, which was stifling. The...

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Importance of Good Knives

Having the right tools in the kitchen is incredibly important. A good knife makes cooking enjoyable. A poor knife makes cooking miserable, labor-intensive, and dangerous. A dull knife can ravage the food you’re cutting, and if it slips off the food service and lands on your palm, it can cause extremely painful cuts. Make sure you equip yourself appropriately. Recently, Chef Hal Decker of Masters Touch Kitchen posted this article. I think his advice is spot on. No need for me to say more. Foodilicious: Know your...

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David Quinn, Allrecipes Co-Founder, talks about success

David Quinn is not afraid of food or of being the first. A co-founder of Allrecipes, Quinn walked through the gathering at Allrecipes like a proud papa. He watched the Rouxbe Online Cooking School presentation by CEO Paul Bloom, and he commented that the videos enhanced the cooking experience. Bloom showed that Rouxbe’s videos can be played on an iPad as well as streamed through your computer. Quinn looked impressed, and he said this could be the way that home cooks can cook alongside the chefs during the demos. To my confused frown, he explained. A few years ago, inventors...

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CSN says “Thanks for Reading”

A few months ago, I had the rare and incredibly fun opportunity to get a $40 gift from I purchased an Analon saucier and a food thermometer. I know, they’re not romantic, but they’re so practical. I rave about my saucier all the time. I heat milk and soup for one in the little pan, and it’s fantastic. It’s heavy-weight, like a Dutch oven, so things don’t scorch easily at all. You really have to abuse the temperature to burn your food, and I love that little safety buffer. I admit that there times that I get a...

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