Author: Kimberly Schaub

To Honey and Health

My good friend, author of Openly Balanced, and sustainable community activist Jess Lundie wrote a beautiful blog about discovering the different flavors and qualities of honey. She described a certain honey she discovered at her farmers market as being “made of three sounds at once.” I don’t know about sounds, but my taste buds jump for joy when I sample fine honey made locally and from local bee farmers. Thinking of her first experience with “live” honey makes me miss the honey we purchased in Pueblo, CO, from Dennis Shearer, who worked very hard to get his product to be sold...

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Published Articles

I’ve been writing for Demand Studios since November, and I’ve gotten to see a few of my articles published! It’s pretty exciting, and I’m hoping that publishing will help to bridge our income gap, since it’s harder to get a position in nutrition right now. Read my latest article about Almond Milk, and let me know what you think! I enjoy writing, and it’s something I’ve done since college when I wrote for Pepperdine’s The Graphic. My roommate, Jami Lambert, gave me the opportunity to write health and nutrition articles for the Bent Prop, which was our AFROTC detachment’s...

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The Dessert Results and a Recipe

Congratulations to our winners for the dessert contest! Laura Hunter won the grand prize with an international suggestion (her mother-in-law, Sue, lives in England and is new to the GF diet) for dessert. Laura is a foodie, blogger, and photographer, and her recipes are creative and delicious. Thanks for sharing Laura! Kassi Blanchard has been intrepidly exploring brownie recipes to keep her sanity in the kitchen. Kassi has worked as the Operations Director for Day by Day Gourmet and is getting ready for a trip to Europe next year. She knows the challenge of cooking healthy, allergen friendly meals...

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What to Eat for Gluten Free Awareness Weekend?

May 22nd and 23rd weekend is the weekend in which you can eat like those of us who follow gluten-free diets as part of the Gluten Free Challenge. It’s really not as difficult as it sounds, it’s just cooking at home or choosing restaurant items carefully. If you have never eaten a gluten-free meal consciously, then you certainly have subconsciously. Generally, if you have had a meal without pasta, bread or pizza crust, then you’ve probably had a fairly gluten-free meal. You might have had gluten in a marinade or sauce, but that’s a different issue. Choosing to eat...

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Dessert Suggestions – update

Here are the front-runners: Apple Pie Dirt Dessert Rhubarb Fool Pound Cake Cheesecake Suggest a dessert, and I will send you cookies from Pamela’s Products. If I choose your dessert suggestion as the dessert I convert to GF, Pamela’s Products will send you some yummy food, too! If you’re not gluten-free, then you can give these delicious snacks to your local church or community center, because there is almost always someone who is gluten-free and is desperate for a good cookie! And…It’s always fun to taste something new! Cafes around Seattle are starting to get into the gluten-free food...

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