Author: Kimberly Schaub

Eating Locally Makes a Difference

If you read most news sources about the environment, you’ll notice they are starting to reflect a similar fear: due to our lifestyles, our planet’s climate is changing, and it’s beginning to change our lifestyles. In Alaska, the National Public Radio reports that “warming temperatures, melting sea ice, and thawing ground are changing traditional hunting practices, bringing new health threats, and causing never-before-seen changes to the land (1)”. We have sped up the changing environment by the energy sources we use to power our lives, from industry to food production, and from home-living to the individual automobile. Even the...

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Culinary School

This year, I am finally going to culinary school. I chose a 2-year program at Seattle Central Community College, called the Seattle Culinary Academy. Why did I choose a community college? Because Graham Kerr told me to. No really. I worked for Day by Day Gourmet, and he was the original recipe developer for that company. He welcomed me into his life and gave me advice about career development, including the importance of meeting and learning from the right people. Enter culinary school. I have connected with Paul Bloom, the CEO of Rouxbe Online Culinary School, a website of...

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I am a Registered Student!

I filled in my paperwork at the Seattle Culinary Academy today! Actually, it’s quite simple when signing up for a program. The administrative assistant had pre-assigned us our classes, so all I had to do is sign the registration form and go stand in line at the admissions office. Then they gave me my shopping list. Knives, uniforms, textbooks… If anyone would like to donate to my cause, just let me know. Oh, haha! Well, at least follow my blog for the experience of being a culinary arts student. I am going to try put recipes on here as...

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About Me

I have loved food since the first day that my mom gave me a plastic tea set. I have dreamt about exploring cuisines, and I have imagined being a professional chef all my life. I watched Great Chefs of America, the Galloping Gourmet, and Yang Can Cook. I even tried some of the recipes. When it came to college, I took the conservative route (how could a cook make money?) and earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Pepperdine University (with a college degree, I’ll make lots of money).  Since the Air Force paid for my undergraduate, I served for a few years in the USAF. When I finished with my service, I worked as a nutrition consultant, a nutrition and health educator, and a cooking instructor. I also washed dishes, wrote and edited for a news magazine, and made coffee and lattes. Through it all, I found myself returning to food – real food.  So this year, I am going to culinary school, and you, my reader, get to follow...

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Have thoughts, questions, or suggestions for places to review, or want information about specific topics? Contact me at Follow me on Facebook and Twitter, too! @Peas On Moss.

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