Author: Kimberly Schaub

Spokane, WA – Food treasure-trove yet untapped

At the beginning of June, we had the opportunity to visit Spokane when we dined at the Big Table. Kevin Finch, the founder of Big Table, had invited us to join the community meal and to tour Spokane. He provided a wonderful itinerary for us, which I am attaching below. “Sunday night: Tacos Tumbras downtown. On the way up to our house on the South Hill, drive or walk through Manito Park / Duncan Gardens. Monday:  Taste (order Doma coffee… let me know what you think, twice baked Almond Croissant) Get them to go and walk to the Steam...

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Allrecipes Staff Feature: Carl Hanson

Carl Hanson isn’t your ordinary foodie. Or is he? This food writer turned dot-com copywriter didn’t find his calling in life in the traditional corporate world. So what did this brilliant man do to find out what type of job turned his dials? He got more schooling.  “It just all worked out,” he says humbly of his transition back to student life. He studied at Boston University’s Master’s of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program and worked for the law school. Before you try to eat your hand in jealousy, just read on. While at the program, Hanson had the...

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AllRecipes Staff are all foodies (big surprise!)

Last week, I had the unusual and thrilling pleasure of attending an AllRecipes premier of What’s Cooking, their newest innovation in getting the home cooking community connected. I wrote a piece for Examiner, but I wanted to talk about the staff at AllRecipes. If you’re like me, AllRecipes is one of those sites that you visit when you’re looking for dinner solutions, recipes for regional foods, and for different ways to create your favorite dish. I have a rolling recipe list of items that I have to search for frequently. I, like family members and readers of mine, use...

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Uwajimaya offers amazing selections

Uwajimaya is an Asian grocery store in the International District of Seattle, and it is a magical toyland for me. When my family lived in Nanjing, China, we would occasionally go to the markets and purchase our food. I really enjoyed seeing the amazing variety of ingredients, some of which I didn’t know that I would ever see again. Well, Uwajimaya probably carries those ingredients and others. It’s primarily a Japanese grocer, but they carry a variety of foods from other Asian ethnic cuisines, like Indian garam masala and Filipino lumpia wrappers.  Our 1st Quarter Chef Instructor, Gregg Shiosaki, encouraged us to explore...

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