Author: Kimberly Schaub

Chef Confidential, Part 3

Lessons learned at the Chef’s elbow. Be consistent with your food, with your management Praise publically, correct confidentially. Never embarrass your staff. This is business. Don’t be afraid to hire and fire. Don’t be afraid to correct behavior on the spot, but discuss the correction with the individual later. Most people want to impress you: let them. Give your staff a little freedom, but always follow-up. Keep those connections, and never ever burn a bridge. You may need to cross the bridge later. This is industry is high risk and high reward. It is high stress, and the workload...

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Chef Confidential, Part 2

Apprenticing Meeting. Chef Hal Decker sat down with me at Cupcake Royale a few days later and began introducing me to his culinary career and to the knowledge that he has developed over the years. “A chef is a mother, father, counselor, doctor, confidante, and therapist to the staff,” he states immediately after sitting down. You will get to know your staff deeply, because their lives affect their work. But don’t get too personally involved, he cautions, because personal relationship or friendship can look like favoritism. A perception of favoritism will lead to the development of jealousy and will...

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Chef Confidential, Part 1

I have dreamt of becoming a chef for as long as I can remember, and my parents always encouraged my love for food. When I was in high school, I even talked to a recruiter from the Culinary Institute of America. I am not really sure why I decided against a career in food, but I’ve always loved cooking for my friends and for bigger events. I also love doing big events, so even while I was in the Air Force, I worked for a caterer as a server for special events. I also worked as a Food Service...

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What is Gluten? Series, Part 4

As you look at the length of the list of foods to avoid, you should be somewhat comforted. Other than basic bread foods, the rest of the items are all processed items, and they’re often higher in sodium, fat, and calories that you don’t need to eat anyway. Look to wholesome, fresh, unprocessed foods, and you’ll see that you have plenty of foods to choose from. Things you can eat: Naturally wheatless, rye-less, barley-less foods Flours made from almonds, rice, corn, and flour Starches made from corn, potato, and tapioca Pasta made from rice or quinoa   Quinoa (pronounced...

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PCC Cooks classes cook up a storm!

PCC Cooks Ami Karnosh What’s For Dinner? Class for 4-6 year olds PCC Cooks is a popular program hosted at various PCC locations throughout the Puget Sound area, and student ages range from two to 80 years. The purpose is to get people into the kitchen and to showcase some of the premier ingredients available at the stores. Cooking instructors range from chefs to skilled cooks who share a passion for cooking education. The topics range from non-cooking snack planning to elaborate meal and wine pairing. I have recently been contracted with PCC Cooks to teach a holiday baking...

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