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I write for both and As a Livestrong writer, I cover food and nutrition articles, usually focusing on the health of a topic. Here are some of the latest articles. How Healthy Foods Can Make You Fat Food Detox Programs Organic Baby Food Vs. Regular Baby Food As an Examiner writer, I cover Seattle Gourmet Food. The topic is pretty open, and I’ve planned articles about gourmet restaurants and cafes, food and ingredients, recipes, and food service professionals. I also plan on writing a few gourmet food tour itineraries. Recently, I’ve written about Starbucks’ Jamaica Blue Mountain...

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Shopping Online and Making Quick Recipes

Well, a few weeks ago, I mentioned to you that we would be testing some handy tools from CSN, a premier online store that provides everything from cooking supplies to dining room tables. I’ve really been honored to have such a great relationship with the marketing team, and we’ve been afforded the fun opportunity to give away gifts to my readers and to test some interesting items ourselves. The great property of CSN is that it is so convenient. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can shop for gifts and necessities without putting on any makeup....

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Big Table Gathers Food and Hospitality Professionals

Kevin Finch isn’t just another star-struck foodie looking for the next great dinner, but he doesn’t shy away from admitting that he likes a good meal and glass of wine from trendy restaurants. His focus is as much about the food as it is about the people who make the food for him – and for the thousands of us who flock to restaurants, cafes, delis, and small eateries on a daily basis. The National Restaurant Association reports that the restaurant industry employs 13 million people and 1.3 million more are expected to become employed in food service by...

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Community Kitchen in Seattle – Gather ‘Round and Cook Together

Have you ever called your friends to join you for dinner at home? Have you dined with friends in restaurants, highlighting your night with laughter and close friendship? If you could nod your head, yes, to these two situations, then you have experienced first-hand how community is built around the dinner table. The foundation to many special events and festivals in human culture is the food that we share together. Community Kitchens Northwest, a movement that started in 2007, seeks to learn, cook, and support and save money, have fun, and promote good health. A new addition to the...

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Last week, I worked hard to publish several articles for Livestrong through a writers network called Demand Studios. I have been focusing on several articles about body image and weight training for women and adolescents. I also wrote a few articles about considerations for selecting organic products over conventional products. Nutrition and Ideal Body Weight Fitness & Nutrition for Women Factors Affecting Organic Food Products As a nutrition educator, I believe it is important to write well-researched material. I have noticed on several websites that authors will use other .com sites, but the legitimacy of some of those sites...

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