Author: Kimberly Schaub

Go Gluten Free

Celiac disease affects about 1 in 133 people in the US (Gluten Intolerance Group, 2010, “Celiac Disease”), and SPINS, a natural products industry information company, reports that the gluten-free segment of the food industry is worth $921 million (2010, “Gluten-Free Sector Still Hot in Tough Times”). Celiac disease is still believed to be widely under-diagnosed, so it is still possible that diagnoses will increase as awareness continues (Gluten Intolerance Group of North America, 2010, “Celiac Disease”). For food service managers, product developers, and health professionals, this shows that the industry is set to grow even more. Registered Dietitians must...

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Earth Day April 22

A few years ago, in 2007, I attended my first Earth Day Fair in Pueblo, CO. That’s where I met Tisha Casida, the publisher of That’s Natural Marketing. She published a local, advertisement-driven news-magazine that featured articles written by business people and health professionals. That was the start of a close friendship and a few years practicing marketing, writing, advertising, and sales. Those were great days, but my passion has always been in the kitchen. This year, instead of heading out to a festival, I’m going to make my kitchen more green and create a dinner to support local...

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Fear of Fish

The Pike Place Market is less than 1 mile from my flat. The advantage is that I can access fresh fish pretty easily. The disadvantage is that I’ve never really processed a fish. Before you think I’m trying to stuff a fish in the food processor, let me clear up the thought. Whole fish is sold with its head, tail, and scales in place. Processed fish is sold as portioned fillets, de-scaled and trimmed to size. All you have to do is cut off the sides of the vacuum-packaging and put it into your recipe. A whole fish, I...

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Culinary Arts on Hold for now

Life is all about transitions, and the path I’ve taken has been nothing predictable. I suppose everyone’s life is that way, but sometimes it would seem that my path is a little bumpier than it really needs to be. I was planning on using the Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill to help cover the costs of the culinary arts program, but I was denied because I had not fulfilled my AFROTC 4 year contract. I had applied to separate from the military early, because they were offering scholarship buy-outs. So, I technically didn’t fulfill my contract, but I did...

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Eating Locally Makes a Difference

If you read most news sources about the environment, you’ll notice they are starting to reflect a similar fear: due to our lifestyles, our planet’s climate is changing, and it’s beginning to change our lifestyles. In Alaska, the National Public Radio reports that “warming temperatures, melting sea ice, and thawing ground are changing traditional hunting practices, bringing new health threats, and causing never-before-seen changes to the land (1)”. We have sped up the changing environment by the energy sources we use to power our lives, from industry to food production, and from home-living to the individual automobile. Even the...

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